Wild Chewz Antler Dog Chews

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Every year deer, elk and moose naturally shed their antlers. Wild Chewz® brings this gift of nature to your dog with our 100% natural, healthy, and long lasting chews.

Wild Chewz® antlers are collected by hand from the forest floor, carefully inspected and cut to a variety of sizes. Our quick distribution process preserves their natural flavor and aroma. Your dog will go WILD for this fresh long lasting treat!

Wild Chewz® Antlers are available in different sizes. Check our size chart to find the perfect chew for your dog.

The Wild Chewz® product line includes a variety of all natural, healthy chews — enough to satisfy any dog!

All products are 100% NATURAL, with no additives or preservatives. Products are backed with a full satisfaction guarantee. No animals are harmed in the collection of antlers.

The Chews dogs go WILD for!  

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