Happy Traveler

Happy Traveler Maximize

Formulated  with the highest quality botanicals, Happy Traveler was designed by a holistic  veterinarian and PhD herbal scientist to ease anxiety and motion  sickness. Useful for separation anxiety, travel anxiety, to socialize a  nervous or excitable pet into a new environment, during thunderstorms,  fireworks, airline travel, visits to groomers, and kennels. With your  Vet’s approval, helps your pet during recovery from surgery/injury by relaxing  them to minimize chewing on bandages and sutures. Non-habit  forming. No harmful side effects when used as directed. Made in the  USA.
All  natural ingredients help to calm pets.  Non-habit forming.  No  harmful side effects when used as directed.

Recommended  Use:
Up to 25 lbs- 1 capsule
Up to 75 lbs- 2  capsules                              
Over 75 lbs- 3 capsules
For dogs and cats 12  weeks and older. 
Active  Ingredients:
·          Valerian
·         German  Chamomile
·          L-Tryptophan
·         St.  Johns Wort
Inactive  Ingredients:
·         Gelatin  (capsule)
·          Magnesium stearate
·          Microcrystalline
·          Cellulose
·          Whey



An all-natural herbal calming formula for stressed, nervous, or anxious pets.


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