Steve's Real Food Frozen Raw Dog Food

Steve's Real Food Frozen Raw Dog Food Maximize

Dogs and cats are natural carnivores and require real raw meat and whole, natural, minimally processed foods. On an evolutionary level,  your pet’s ideal diet is grain-free and contains thousands of enzymes, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that cannot exist in modern heat-processed foods. Steve’s Real Foods helps to support and maintain your dog’s & cat’s health naturally through a well-rounded, nutritious diet.  Every Steve’s formula is pH- balanced, and uses only 100% natural, human grade, USDA inspected, free range meats & unprocessed whole and functional foods.  We truly believe feeding your pets Steve’s Real Food will make a difference in the well being of your best friends, and we are committed to bringing the best quality pet food and value to you!

Steve’s Real Food for Pets is the Pioneer of the Raw Dog Food Industry! Help improve the quality of life for your animals by feeding them foods that nature intended…

What is in the food?

To provide the natural proteins, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals your dog needs, Steve’s is made with:

  • The best quality 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free raw meat on the market for high sources of lean protein.
  • Fresh, pesticide-free raw fruits and vegetables for natural vitamins and anti-carcinogenic benefits.
  • Functional foods like cod liver oil, coconut oil, and flaxseed for the important Omega-3, 6, & 9 fatty acids.
  • Kelp and sea salts for trace minerals.

All raw ingredients are ground and formed into patties or quarter inch nuggets, and then Instant Quick Frozen (IQF) to seal in all the freshness and nutrition.  They do not use any additional processing or pasteurization such as HPP. 

The Chicken & Pork Formulas are suitable for both cats & dogs

Raw Frozen Nuggets = Convenience

Our 3/4 inch cubes (the size of a tater-tot) provide several conveniences that medallions or chubs do not.


  • Simply pour and serve, just like kibble. No defrosting necessary.
  • The immediacy of not having to defrost means less opportunity for bacterial growth.
  • No prep, no mess. You do not have to cut up the food in order to feed it.
  • No mixing. Since Steve’s is a complete and balanced diet, you do not have to worry about supplementing with other ingredients.

Available in a 5lb bag and a 9.75lb box

Actual Size Of Steve’s
Raw Dog Food Nugget

Raw Frozen Patties = Precise Feeding

  • Each patty weighs 8oz, which helps ensuring you are feeding the exact weight recommended
  • Paper separated patties allow for ease of feeding with minimal packaging waste
  • 20lb bulk options available for large and multi-pet homes

Available in a 13.5lb box and a 20lb bulk box


Steve’s Raw Dog Food was the first pet food company to make feeding raw dog food convenient and easy. Today, Steve’s Real Food‘s tater-tot sized nuggets allows you as a pet parent to simply pour and serve. You don’t have to defrost it overnight, you don’t have to cut up raw meat, and you don’t have to mix it with anything.  It is 100% complete and balanced, made from only the most superior ingredients on the market. They are so proud of the ingredients they use that they share with you who they buy them from so you can have the same level of confidence!

Steve's is also paving the way toward being one of the first pet food manufacturers to be fully committed to being green. Partnering with other green vendors to ensure that the entire product life cycle from the creation of the bag to the distribution of the product has limited impact on mother nature.

Steve’s Real Food for Pets is a Pioneer in the Raw Dog Food Industry, being one of the first companies to distribute a raw meat dog food nationwide! Their products contain the perfect balance of meat and vegetables to make giving your pet a raw food diet easy and affordable.