Ark Naturals Neem "Protect" Spray

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Ark’s  Neem “Protect” Spray is an environmentally friendly, gentle, and non-drying  formula for pets including dogs, cats, and horses. It is used for animals  with skin and coat issues including insect bites and skin and coat irritation.  The active ingredients are Neem and  citronella.  Neem is a tree native to the Indian subcontinent. Neem has  been used for thousands of years by the people of India, Southeast Asia and  Africa. Scientific studies have found these plants contain compounds that have  wound healing properties.  neem oils and extracts are anti-inflammatory,  gentle and non-drying. Regular use helps to soothe and reduce itching and  dermatitis caused by insect bites.


Recommended Use: 

Safe and effective for puppies and dogs 12 weeks and  older 


Citronella can cause adverse reactions with  cats.  Do not apply to cat’s face.  Test  product on cat’s hindquarters and wait 24 hours. If no adverse reaction, it’s OK  to use. 

Initial Use:  For animals with skin  and coat irritation, begin by bathing animal with Neem “Protect”  Shampoo.  After animal’s coat has dried completely, generously  spray Neem “Protect” Spray from head to tail.  DO NOT SPRAY IN  OR AROUND ANIMAL’S EYES, NOSE OR MOUTH.  Spray directly on  insect bites and areas that are irritated and inflamed.

 Follow Up:  Spray animal every 7-10  days as needed.  Use on a regular basis during warmer months,  and for animals that spend time outdoors in tall grass or wooded  environments. 

Neem “Protect” Shampoo is water soluble and must be  reapplied each time animal is completely wet.

 USE WITH CAUTION ON KITTENS AND CATS. Do not apply to  cat’s face.  Test product on cat’s hindquarters and wait 24  hours.  If no adverse reaction (sensitivity to smell or  product), OK to use from back of neck to tail. 

Active Ingredients:

·Neem  oil


Inactive Ingredients:

  • Water
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Aloe




Eco safe, friendly and natural botanicals soothes pets bothered by insects, skin  irritations and itching.