Ark Naturals Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste Maximize

Now  your pets can care for their own teeth!


Ark  Naturals BREATH-LESS Brushless Toothpaste is a multiple  award-winning chewable  dental solution for pets.


BREATH-LESS  Brushless Toothpaste is a highly digestible dental chew with clinically proven,  all natural ingredients.


  • On the outside:  breath-freshening ingredients include chlorophyll, cinnamon, vanilla and clove.  Ridges provide effective teeth scrubbing and support healthy  gums.


  • On the  inside:  Ark's patented toothpaste center provides three  bacteriostats to inhibit the growth of plaque-forming bacteria, as well as to  assist with bad breath, and tartar and plaque build-up.



All natural dental chew for dogs. Helps prevent dental decay, plaque, tartar and  bad breath. MULTIPLE AWARD-WINNING product with patented ingredients. Made in  the USA