Shea Pet Herbal Treatments for Dogs and Cats

Shea Pet Herbal Treatments for Dogs and Cats Maximize

Super premium herbal treatments for dogs and cats featuring 100% FAIR TRADE, ORGANIC Nilotica Shea Butter™.

Products are fragrance and color-free, and are loaded with the finest INGREDIENTS: cosmetic-grade botanical extracts, pure essential oils and soothing coat conditioners. 

And they are gentle enough for dogs and cats with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Shea Butter Skin Repair & Dander Care for Dogs and Puppies 

This gentle, herbal formula quickly improves common skin problems and promotes a healthy, shiny coat. Especially formulated for dogs and puppies with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

  • soothes dry skin and stops itching fast
  • controls dander for allergy sensitive pet owners
  • plantain extract reduces inflation and redness


Skin Repair & Dander Care for Cats
Finally, shea butter products for cats! This super gentle herbal formula will help control dry skin, hot spots, and dander. We've added premium skin conditioners and moisturizing Nilotica Shea Butter™ to promote a healthy, shiny, hydrated coat. Enriched with calendula, comfrey, alfalfa, goldenseal, and plantain to help soothe itchy and irritated skin fast. Mild enough for cats with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Fragrance and color free!

Herbal Hot Spot & Itch Relief Moisturizing Treatment
with Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil Spritz
Rich in herbal extracts, this spray is a great leave-on herbal skin tonic and coat conditioner. Enriched with moisturizing Nilotica Shea Butter™ and therapeutic allantoin, calendula and comfrey, this formula helps soothe dry, itchy skin. Contains essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, orange and citronella to neutralize odors and deter fleas naturally. Recommended for Dogs Only. Pets with extremely sensitive skin should try Skin Repair and Dander Care™.


 Premium skin and coat care products that really work!